Walltracts LLC

Walltracts is a furnishing contractor that had humble beginnings in 1978 in a region of the world which had started to benefit from the deposits of crude oil and natural gas. This new found fortune would help propel many of the cities in the region to levels of growth that no one could have foreseen; fortunately Walltracts was in a position to have been an integral part in most of the prestigious projects in the UAE. Realizing that India was prepped for a growth spurt the management decided to setup a branch in Mumbai. The objective was to provide the same level of service and quality that had been offered to the discerning customers in the UAE. This set well with the customers in India who had been waiting for a professional organization to fulfill their needs in the interiors market. As a result Walltracts now has branches in most major metro cities in India, and an extensive list of satisfied customers. In the 3 decades of Walltracts’ dynamic growth a wealth of knowledge and experience has been accumulated in the form of a dedicated knowledgeable workforce. This has been a pillar for our non-stop growth in the Indian and Middle East market and will help us gain access to any market where experience and a penchant for customer satisfaction is a necessity.