Cracknell Landscape Architects

We are on a mission to create a positive difference through inspired landscape design Cracknell started operations in London in 1987, and has subsequently developed into one of the most recognised landscape architecture, planning, and urban design practices in the world. Our distinguished portfolio includes many iconic projects in the Middle East as well as landmark developments in Europe and Africa. Through close collaboration with clients, we have earned a reputation for unique yet practical design solutions, underpinned by our commitment to the highest quality. Distinctiveness, responsiveness and sustainability combined with uncompromising professionalism make us the preferred choice for high-profile projects. We believe landscape architecture is about creating community and culture as much as it’s about creating spaces. Our designs centre people in their environment, improving the lives and wellbeing of the communities we shape. Everything that we do is intended to improve the lives of the people who will use the spaces we design, even when details that we labour over often go unnoticed. We build landmarks and talking-points, we support iconic developments, and we even create spaces that transform the character of communities and cities.