Top Reasons why the construction industry must fully embrace digital tech in a post COVID-19 world

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The future of construction seems to be bright with all the technologies already available and many more still in R&D. Cloud-collaboration and Artificial Intelligence tools are mature enough to enable companies to operate more effectively even in challenging circumstances.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact across the world and across industries, including construction, by forcing companies to rethink the way they work and operate. For construction it now means fully embracing the potential of digital technology.

The industry has traditionally lagged behind others in the adoption of new technologies. In large part this has been due to an ingrained ‘if ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mindset that has developed over many decades. It has not adapted because it never had to. Although disruptive, the outbreak has brought greater attention to the need to change. Here we look at three reasons why digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity.