How to Find Flipkart Answers Today?

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Answers have been added. Fake or Not Flipkart Answers Today for Correct answers have been added to all ongoing Flipkart quizzes.

Answers have been added. Fake or Not Flipkart Answers Today for Correct answers have been added to all ongoing Flipkart quizzes. Submit your answers for a chance to win Super Coins, Gems, and Daily Main Prizes. The video contest is open every day from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Winners of the contest will be announced instantly following the submission of answers, and rewards will be displayed instantly in the rewards section of each quiz. Daily Trivia, Beat the Genius, Sirf Ek Minute, Kya Bolti Public?, Fake or Not Fake, Daam Sahi Hai, Khel Paheliyon, Kya Bolti Public? Ka, Crime Stories, Sirf Ek Minute Quiz, and other quizzes are available on Flipkart. To win prizes, you must submit all correct answers in Flipkart's Video Gamezone section. Every day at 12 a.m. TheKnTech updates the daily Flipkart quiz answers. This page contains all of the correct answers, which are updated daily. The quiz's Twitter hashtag is #FlipkartQuiz.


  • Launch the app, click on the Video Section and then on the contest in which you want to participate.
  • Alternatively, you can go directly to the quiz by clicking the Submit Answers link. This app-only quiz can be played on the mobile site with direct answer submission links.
  • Play the quiz show video and submit your answers to the interactive questions in the video.
  • To win prizes, you must select the correct answers from the given options.
  • You will receive instant prizes if you submit all of the correct answers. Furthermore, if you submit an incorrect answer, you can correct it with a magic eraser in Flipkart's video show.
  • Flipkart quiz show guaranteed immediate prizes Incorporate Gems, Super Coins, Giftcards, and Prizes.

What if we submit incorrect answers in the Flipkart quiz?

A magic eraser is a unique feature of the Flipkart Quiz. During quiz play, you can use a magic eraser to correct your incorrect answers. You can earn a magic eraser for every quiz you take and have 1 day of usable life.


How to Find Flipkart Answers Today?

TheKnTech is a website that assists people in completing the daily Flipkart Quizzes. Every day, we post correct answers to all Flipkart quizzes, as well as questions and important details about each quiz. With TheKnTech Quiz, you can get quick answers to all Flipkart Quiz questions. Every day at 12:01 a.m., Flipkart posts quiz answers.


How are the Flipkart quiz winners selected?

The person who submits all correct answers in any Flipkart Quiz will be chosen as the quiz's winner. In each Flipkart quiz, the winners will receive guaranteed prizes. The winners of the Flipkart quiz will be chosen at random and awarded to the participants.